WSU School Psychology Program

There is a severe shortage of school psychologists in Michigan, particularly in the northern lower and upper peninsulas. Wayne State & Community Psychology program in the College of Education is seeking students for an opportunity to participate in a distance cohort that will train you for these careers. Begins on Fall 2018. Deadline to apply will be in February, but will be rolling.

This program is offered for students who have completed a bachelor's degree by August 2018

Students DO NOT, have to have had a psychology major, but some psychology, educstion, sociology, social work, etc. corsework makes for a stronger application. 

For more information and to see the flyer, please click here


The Spanish & Counseling Study Abroad Program 

This program confronts America's language gap crisis by preparing future psychologists, social workers, and other counseling professionals to treat their future Spanish-speaking patients with safe and empathetic communication.

Inner Circle Benefits
Active Psi Chi members are entitled to Inner Circle benefits:  an automatic $500 scholarship toward any 9 or 15 week program in 2018.
For active Psi Chi club members who are NOT fluent in Spanish...
An increasing number of hiring directors (and grad school admissions offices) classify Spanish as a “highly recommended” qualification because the language gap crisis in America is not going away.  In fact, only Mexico has more Spanish-speakers than America.
The Spanish & Counseling study abroad program helps future counselors learn Spanish and gain field experience in South America (specifically Argentina, Chile, and Peru).
As a Psi Chi member you are cordially invited to “Psi Chi Week” — when you can apply at a reduced rate and receive an automatic scholarship (plus other benefits).
“Raise your hand” here to learn more and to get on the alert list for the Psi Chi Week special offer.


The Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle, in partnership with Psychological Assets, are currently conducting a study to evaluate Lifetown Village, a simulated learning environment which aids in the learning of special education student populations. They are currently recruiting volunteers to help observe the students at Lifetown for the course of this study (Nov-June). This is a great opportunity for psychology students interested in data collection and/or working with special education students.

For more information about Lifetown, click here 

Any questions? Please contact Virginia Martinez at (248) 952-9224 or email her at virginia@psychassests.com


SandCastles Grief Support Program

SandCastles is having a grief support facilitation trainings coming up in October and November of 2017. Must attend 1 orientation session and all 4 nights of training to become a Group Facilitator with SandCastles. Registration for training can be done via email or phone. 

If you are interested in volunteering with this program, please click here and fill out one of their new online volunteer applications 

Attend a volunteer orientation and learn more about SandCastles and how you can help grieving children. Volunteer opportunities include facilitating in the children/teen groups, program aid, speak bureau, camp volunteers, fundraising and office support.

Program sites are located in Southfield, Rochester, St. Clair Shores, Clinton Township, Downriver, Livonia, Detroit and West Bloomfield. Reserve your spot for orientation at (313) 874-6881

Volunteer Orientation locations (All times 6:30 - 8:30pm)

October 3rd, 2017 | Henry Ford Health System | 1 Ford Place, Suite 4A | Detroit, MI

October 11th, 2017 | First Congregational Church of Wyandotte | 98 Superior Blvd | Wyandotte, MI

October 25th, 2017 | Hentry Ford Health System | 1 Ford Place, Suite 4A | Detroit, MI

October 30th, 2017 | Henry Ford Hospice | Suit 140 | 33464 Schoenherr Road | Sterling heights, MI


Volunteer Training Days (All four dates MUST be attended) 

Times below located at Henry Ford Hospice | Suite 140 | 33464 Schoenherr Road | Sterling Heights, MI 48202

All from 5:00 - 9:30 pm

  • Monday, November 6th
  • Wednesday, November 8th
  • Monday, November 13th 
  • Wednesday, November 15

Times below located First Congregational Church of Wyandotte | 98 Superior Blvd. | Wyandotte, MI 

All from 5:00 - 9:30pm

  • Monday October 16
  • Wednesday October 18
  • Monday October 23
  • Wednesday October 25


Son-Rise Program Job Opportunity

Tammy Maver is looking for someone to work with her 14 year old boy, Andrew, at their home. He has autism and is non-verbal.

Details are as followed 

  • Located in Holly, Michigan
  • 10-20 hours weekly
  • Flexible hours
  • $12-15 per hour
  • Will train, however, prefered someone with autism experience or autism classroom knowledge  

If you are interested, please contact Tammy Maver at mavertammy@gmail.com or text (248)-760-9130

The Son-Rise Program teaches a specific and comprehensive system of treatment and education designed to help families and caregivers enable their children to dramatically improve in all areas of learning, development, communication and skill acquisition. It offers highly effective educational techniques, strategies and principles for designing, implementing and maintaining a stimulating, high-energy, one-on-one, home-based, child-centered program. 

What Makes The Son-Rise Program® Different?

The Son-Rise Program was the first to suggest that children with these diagnoses had the potential for extraordinary healing and growth. 

The Son-Rise Program innovated an educational treatment modality which included

- joining children instead of going against them. 

- The program places parents as key teachers, therapists and directors of their own programs and utilizes the home as the most nurturing environment in which to help their children. 

-  The Son-Rise Program dared to suggest that respect and deep caring would be the most important factor impacting a child's motivation to learn, and from the beginning has made love and acceptance a meaningful part of every teaching process. Employing this attitude, we first seek to create bonding and a safe environment. We then apply sound, time-tested educational strategies pioneered by The Son-Rise Program. These principles remain a cornerstone of our approach.

Learn more details about what the Son-Rise Program would look like at www.autismtreatmentcenter.org 


Labs Looking for Undergraduate Research Assoiciates - Fall 2017

Dr. Martha Escobar

Research Interests:  Evolutionary; animal models of psychological dysfunction

Criteria: minimum GPA of 3.0, and availability of at least 6 h/week to work in the laboratory

Please apply through the link below



Dr. Lisa Welling

Research Interests:  Evolutionary Psychology:  Hormones and Behavior, Mate attraction, Factors that affect person perception

Criteria:  be able to be available for about 10 hours/week




Dr. Melissa McDonald

Personality and Evolutionary Psychology Lab. Students should have a 3.0 average GPA or higher, and have completed PSY 250 with a 3.0 or higher. Students should e-mail a letter of interest to mmmcdonald@oakland.edu and include both a CV/Resume and schedule of availability. More about the lab can be found at: http://mcdonaldpeplab.com/


Dr. Kanako Taku

Criteria can be found in:



​MUST be sophomore (PSY2510 is NOT required).​


Jennifer Vonk

In search of good undergrads.

  • Requesting help in coding behavior from videos
  • No need much expertise or knowlege
  • Required a GPA of at least 3.0, 3.5 preferably
  • Must be interested in cognition in humans or in animals
  • Must have availability at least 4-6 hours a week 


Michele Parkhill-Purdie & Scott Pickett

In need of Male assoiciates.

If interested, please email Travis Ray (travisray@oakland.edu).


Starlight Project – Dr. A. Kozak & Dr. Scott Pickett

RA Requirements:


● Completion of PSY 250

● A GPA of 3.4 or higher is preferred

● Must commit at least 10 hours per week

Email Project Coordinator Nikki Jarrett at nljarret@oakland.edu for more information


Detroitisit Internship

Come and be a part of Detroitisit – the exciting new media platform coming to the city of Detroit this fall!

As we work to get things off the ground, we are looking for young, motivated, and diligent new talent to come and join the DII crew to help out.

While interning with Detroitisit, you will… 

- Assist DII staff in community outreach:

- In order to launch with a robust citywide calendar, interns will help reach out to local business and organizations to get their events!

- Compile and organize digital data:

- DII’s own searchable Detroit map and database is in a constant state of change as new locations open and close throughout the area. Keeping addresses, contact info, and geolocations up to date is a critical part of the DII framework.

Please contact Adam Buesching at adam@detroitisit.com for more information 


Student Employment Opportunity - The University of Pediatricians Autism Center

The University Pediatricians Autism Center are in search for students who are interested in learning behavior intervention techniques with children (birth to 18) who have autism. This is an ideal work experience for those going into a helping profession such as psychology, education, early childhood, social work, occupational therapy, speech therapy or other related fields.

Their three locations: 

  • Novi
  • Detroit 
  • Macomb

Positions are part-time and flexible allowing for changes each semester to accommodate school schedules. 

Employees are trained to implement a variety of behavior change strategies, observational assessment techniques and data collection. Students can get a quality experience related to their field of study. A behavior technician is an entry level position in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and can lead to many additional career advancement positions that students can obtain at the undergraduate and graduate levels with minimal coursework in ABA. 

For more information, please visit their website www.upautism.com or email gdeboard@dmc.org 


OUCARES Opportunities

OUCARES offers over 100 outreach programs or events per year & we provide services for over 2300 individuals with Autism, their families or educators/human services workers.  Many opportunities for students to gain valuable experience working with individuals & families.  We also have a help wanted section on our website you may want to promote with your group.  These are typically ads from parents/caregivers seeking assistance for their children.  More opportunities to gain valuable experiences.  Here is the link to our help wanted ads:   https://www.oakland.edu/oucares/community-support/help-and-services/


TIER Program

Dr. Roberto Rinaldi is interested in including psychology students in facilitating his TIER program for positive youth development.

Dr. Rinaldi and Dr. Farr at OUWB have proposed the implementation of the Transforming Identity Empowerment and Resilience (TIER) program, an evidence-based community-based psychosocial program that focuses on positive youth development in the alternative program at Avondale Schools. The TIER is implemented as a selective/indicated youth development program that targets multi-problem at risk youth in alternative high schools. The TIER, integrated into the ongoing flow of the school's regular activities, provides on-site manualized group (peer run - facilitator led) program to create contexts that empower adolescents to transform basic features of their sense of self and identity by taking responsibility for their lives and their communities while exploring "who they are".

In addition, the community/university collaborative framework for this program allows for the participation of university students. Specifically, the program can provide an opportunity for:


·      Undergraduate psychology students to interact with an at-risk population

·      Undergraduate psychology students to gain applied experience in the administration of quantitative and qualitative measures

·      Student research projects (capstone, undergraduate thesis, etc.)

·      Student research experience (data collection, analysis, etc.)

To contact Dr. Rinaldi, email him @ rinaldi@oakland.edu or call his office @ 248-370-3679


Psychology Internship - The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County

The Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County is looking for psychology interns who are interested in working in a Clinical Community Counseling setting. Our organization works with children and families who have suffered abuse and/or witness to trauma. We work with law enforcement and CPS to help victims through the investigation process. One major source of trauma to children throughout the process is the number of times a child is questioned and the length of time taken by the multiple investigations being conducted. We work to reduce any further trauma by providing a central location for all team members involved and providing a non-threatening environment for the child.

It is important that all prospective interns understand this is an unpaid position, but offers an incredible opportunity to work with a specialized population. The experience will include a combination of observation and direct work with clients and family members suffering from trauma related to child sexual abuse, other child abuses and neglect, and witness to violent crimes (including homicide and accidental death, grief and loss). The trauma experienced can be very complex and challenging, yet very rewarding.

This internship places a high-priority on supervision and it is critical for interns to be open and honest with their supervisor about their feelings and reactions to what they see and/or hear throughout the day. They must also be emotionally stable and have a desire to work using trauma-focused interventions. Self-care is an absolute necessity.

Lapeer CAC will provide training and supervision for interns to participate in and observe the following:

  • Observe and participate in therapeutic group activities
  • Conduct crisis counseling, with supervision
  • Sit-in for observation during parent/child intake assessments
  • Advocate for and provide support to children and families
  • Spend time with the multi-disciplinary team members (County Prosecutors, Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement)
  • Experience and observe the forensic interview process
  • Make follow-up phone calls to check in with our families

This internship helps to further develop the counseling student as competent counselor and enhance the following skills, including but not limited to:

  • Clinical documentation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Diagnostic Formulation
  • Providing case management services
  • Conducting crisis counseling
  • Providing court preparation
  • Case conference abilities

It is important to note your client interaction can include children as young as three years old to adults and caregivers of all ages. There can be no guarantee an intern will work with just children or just adults; flexibility to work with all ages is a requirement.

We are looking for someone who can commit to at least 10-12 hours each week, or a full 8-hour day, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. We can discuss flexible scheduling, if needed. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Lauren Broihan at lauren@caclapeer.org.


GoEco Volunteer & Internships

GoEco invites students and faculty to participate in our psychology internships and volunteer projects abroad.

These opportunities include…

Empowering Women in Kathmandu:


 This project aims to empower marginalized Nepalese women to achieve self-reliance through learning activities, creative workshops and vocational training. Other initiatives include spreading awareness among young girls about their rights, and language training as well. By joining this program, you will work directly with women and girls to improve their feeling of self-worth and empowerment.

Social Work Internships:

Costa Rica

This internship provides students with the practical and professional experience needed for a career in social work. It offers a wide variety of immersive placement opportunities focusing on the field's many aspects, from community development to child welfare.

Teach Children and Surf:

South Africa

Cape Town's disadvantaged areas host numerous at-risk young people due to economic and social disparity. This surf and adventure club conducts outreach to keep kids off the streets and teach them about teamwork, leadership and other life lessons.

Creating Safe Spaces for At-Risk Youth:


This school focuses on the rehabilitation of at-risk youth through special projects that teach responsibility and safe self-expression. You will assist in creating and maintaining the safe spaces that these students can learn in.


North Star Reach Volunteer Openings

"Do you want to make a difference in the life of a child with a serious health challenge? Do you want to make a difference in your own life?  Spending one week of your summer at North Star Reach will do both! North Star Reach is a brand new camp for kids with serious health challenges. This summer we will serve children with Sickle Cell Anemia, solid organ transplants, congenital heart defects, hematological disorders and other condition groups. Are you ready for the best week of your summer?  To apply to volunteer at North Star Reach and make a difference in the life of a child with a serious health challenge (and in your life as well) visitwww.northstarreach.org/volunteer. If you have questions feel free to reach out to Meiko McDaniel, our Volunteer Coordinator, atmeiko@northstarreach.org."


Novel Responses Part-Time Positions

"Novel Responses has been providing ABA therapy for children on the autism spectrum for over 14 years.  We have currently had a huge increase in clients in the Ann Arbor/ Detroit area and are seeking to hire part time employees.  Generally our part time employees work 8 - 15 hours a week - and we work around their college schedule, understanding that it changes each semester."

To apply, forward a copy of your coverletter and resume to client.services@novelresponses.com.


Medlife Volunteer Opportunities

MEDLIFE works with these families in developing countries to improve their access to MEDS: Medicine, Education and community Development. This is achieved through heavy student involvement as they travel with us to to the most remote and impoverished areas of Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Tanzania and India.


Our work depends on the dedication of our volunteers who assist local doctors and nurses in mobile clinics, participate in culturally sensitive education programs and work on community focused development projects. MEDLIFE volunteers have a direct and tangible impact on the communities we serve, while also contributing to a larger, sustainable solution.


To learn more or apply --> cmundiath@medlifeweb.org


Wayne State - Infant Mental Health Program

The Infant Mental Health Dual-Title program is a multi-disciplinary specialization offered to graduate students in Social Work, Nursing, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education.  The program is designed to offer these students an academic focus on research, assessment and intervention used with at-risk infants, toddlers and families.  It is weaved into their "home" graduate programs through coursework, as well as their major milestones, such as dissertation or field placements.


You can also find more information on their website at: http://mpsi.wayne.edu/training/infant-health.php


Stats Tutors Needed

Dr. Williams is looking for students savvy in statistics to tutor PSY 251 students. Interested?

Email Dr. Williams [william9@oakland.edu] for more information.

Psi Chi Class Liaison

Contact our Communications Officer via e-mail if you are interested in becoming a liaison. 

Volunteering with OUCARES

OUCARES integrates academic course work, knowledge and research with hands-on work in the community to prepare professionals to be leaders in the autism community. Oakland University provides supportive individual and family programs. OUCARES invites students to support individuals with Autism. They provide weekly volunteer programs both during the year and two summer day camps as well. Special event involvement and individual or business donations are other ways to become apart of OUCARES.

For more information about this genuine opportunity please contact Karin Chandler at oucares@oakland.edu.

Volunteer Opportunity with the OU Counseling Center

The director of the OU Counseling Center is looking for Psychology majors who would like the opportunity to get volunteer experience. At the Counseling Center, they offer a variety of screenings and workshops throughtout the year and are always looking for motivated students to help them out. In exchange they have offered to train students on their screening instruments and answer any other questions you may have.

Hospices of Henry Ford Volunteers Opportunity

Hospices of Henry Ford is seeking volunteers who want to make a positive contributino to people in need. Volunteers are needed to offer companionship and family support for loved ones who are terminally ill in the patient's home, nursing home facilities or in the hospital.

Opportunities are available throughout southeast Michigan to help with the adult and pediatric hospice programs, the hospice residence as well as SandCastles, a grief support program for children and their families. Flexible schedules are provided.

For further information please contact Christella Hamilton at 1(248) 721-3284 (cell) or 1(800) 492-9909 (office) or visit their website.

ScribeAmerica Seeking Students in Medical Fields

ScribeAmerica is a company that hires and trains scribes for Physicians. There are opportunities available for students to be trained and work for The South Bend Clinic, Beacon Health, Elkhart Emergency Department, and the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Emergency Department. Scribes will be responsible for assisting with patient documentation evaluated by a doctor. This is a particularly good chance for students with a desire to enter medical school or clinical psychology.

View this video for more information.

Youth Villages Volunteers

Numerous volunteer opportunities are available in coordination with Youth Villages.



*For numerous other volunteer opportunities in your area, visit the Oakland University Volunteer page.